Operating segments of the Bank’s Group

The PKO Bank Polski SA Group conducts business activities in segments that offer specific products and services addressed to specific groups of Customers.

The manner in which the business segments are divided ensures consistency with the sales management model and offers Customers a comprehensive product mix comprising both traditional banking products and more complex investment products. Currently, the Bank’s Group conducts its business activities in the retail segment as well as in the corporate and investment segments.

Annual report

The retail segment offers a full range of banking products and services to individuals and as part of retail and private banking. Moreover, it comprises transactions conducted with small- and medium-sized enterprises. The products and services offered to Customers in this segment include, amongst others: current accounts, savings accounts, term deposits, private banking services, investment and insurance products, credit and debit cards, electronic banking services, consumer and housing loans, business loans and leases.

9.8 million
numbers of Customers
168 billion
financing granted
182 billion
savings volume

The corporate and investment segment comprises transactions concluded with corporate Customers, local government authorities and financial institutions. This segment comprises the following products and services: transaction banking (including maintaining accounts), deposits and other products for liquidity management,  trade finance, Treasury bonds, credit products which finance both current and investment needs (including leasing and factoring). The segment also comprises brokerage activities and own activity, i.e. the Bank’s liquidity management and investing activities.

15.4 thousand
numbers of Customers
71 billion
financing granted
55 billion
deposits volume

Retail segment

In 2018 the PKO Bank Polski SA Group continued to build strong and long-term relationships with Customers in the retail segment and focused on adapting the products to Customer needs and on developing access tools and channels to enable Customers convenient finance management from any place and at any time.

As at the end of 2018 the retail segment serviced nearly 9.8 million Customers, including:

  • 9.3 million individuals;
  • 0.5 million SMEs.

From the beginning of 2018 the number of Customers serviced in the retail segment increased by 323 thousand, these comprised mainly retail and private banking Customers.

Number of retail segment Customers (in millions)

The PKO Bank Polski SA Group’s offer covers a wide range of credit products. Individuals can take advantage of the financing offered under:

  • consumer loans available in the form of cash loans, mortgage loans, revolving loans and credit cards;
  • housing loans;
  • consumer leases.

The credit offer for firms and enterprises is available in the form of:

  • investment and investor loans;
  • working capital loans;
  • leasing and factoring.

As at the end of 2018, the aggregate financing of retail segment Customers amounted to PLN 168 billion and went up by approx. PLN 10.0 billion (i.e. 6.3%) since the beginning of the year. This was mainly due to an increase in the zloty mortgage loans banking portfolio (+ PLN 7.8 billion), retail and private banking loans (+PLN 1.9 billion) and firms and enterprises loans (+ PLN 1.1 billion).

Gross loans in retail segment (in PLN billion)

Retail and private banking loans

Retail Customers can use both standard cash loans and the current financing available under revolving loans and credit cards.

In 2018 PKO Bank Polski SA continued to take measures to support sales of consumer loans, and enabled, apart from offering attractive prices, access to funds in effect of quick decisions with only the necessary minimum formalities.

As part of the activities performed, the Bank offered its Customers a cash loan offer attractive both in terms of interest, such as a temporary offer of 0% commission for granting a cash loan to Customers who have not taken out cash loans with PKO Bank Polski SA before, and a simplified income documentation formula for taking out and servicing cash advances (based on PIT returns or filing instructions for servicing the cash advance with iPKO, relating to partial early repayment, changing payment dates or changing the account from which the advance is to be repaid.

Those of the Bank’s Customers who use the IKO application have been offered a new cash advance process. The cash advance may be acquired in just four steps, and nearly 60% of cash advances provided through remote channels1 were sold using the mobile app IKO. In 2018 the value of cash advances sold via IKO was PLN 154.3 million, and via iPKO: PLN 211.5 million.

1 iPKOservice, mobile app IKO


Mortgage banking loans

The PKO Bank Polski SA Group has been a long-term leader in financing the housing needs of people in Poland.

Sales of housing loans (in PLN billion)*

*source: PBA, sales of PKO Bank Polski SA and PKO Bank Hipoteczny SA


In 2018, the Bank’s Group ranked first on the market with a 28.9% share in sales of housing loans for individuals. In 2018 the Bank granted loans it the total record amount of over PLN 15 billion, including PLN 0.3 billion (over 1.6 thousand loans) under the “Mieszkanie dla Młodych” lending program.

As part of the activities performed PKO Bank Polski SA made available, among other things:

  • a simplified Decision-Making Process that enhances and accelerates the creditworthiness assessment process by automating the appraisal of a Customer’s financial standing;
  • extension of the support offer for CHF-denominated mortgage loan takers to 31 December 2018, in order to mitigate the negative effects of changes in the exchange rates.

Financing SMEs, including leases and factoring

The PKO Bank Polski SA Group consistently supports Polish entrepreneurship. Customers from the firm and enterprise sector are provided with funding for current and investment needs through a wide and flexible credit offer.

Lease receivables in retail segment (in PLN billion)

SMEs avail themselves of a wide offer of advances, and working capital and investment loans granted by PKO Bank Polski SA. The Bank’s Group ensures alternative forms of capital expenditure financing to companies – in the form of leases for chattels and real estate, as well as long-term rental of vehicles, and working capital finance – in the form of recourse factoring, non-recourse insured factoring, financing supplies, both in domestic and foreign trade, where the source of repayment may be based on the reliability of the factoree’s debtor.

The actions performed in 2018 allowed the Bank’s Customers to use services such as:

  • support in the form of BGK guarantees – de minimis and with counter guarantees granted by the European Investment Fund under the PLG COSME programme, aimed at increasing the availability of loans and providing additional funds for firms’ current operations;
  • available debit granted without the need to submit financial documents, based only on inflows to the account;
  • using the Guarantee Fund of the Operational Programme Smart Growth (GF OPSG) that allows securing new working capital and investment loans granted to innovative enterprises from the firms and enterprises sector.

Under the Bank’s Group’s offer the firm and enterprise Customers may use lease products. In 2018 historical record sales were noted, which in the retail segment amounted to PLN 6.8 billion and was 16% higher than sales in the previous year. As at the end of 2018 lease receivables in the retail segment amounted to PLN 11.2 billion and noted an increase exceeding 15% during the year.

Customer savings in the retail segment (in PLN billion)

The Bank’s Group encourages Customers to save over a long term, both through a varied product offer constantly adapted to Customers’ requirements (including regular saving products, term deposits, investment products of PKO Towarzystwo Funduszy Inwestycyjnych SA and Treasury bonds) and through educational and information activity.

As at the end of 2018 savings in the retail segment amounted to PLN 234 billion and increased by PLN 25.6 billion (i.e. 12%) since the beginning of the year. The increase in funds accumulated in investment funds by individuals, retail savings bonds and an increase in retail and private banking deposits contributed to this increase.

Current and savings accounts

In 2018, PKO Bank Polski SA remained the unchallenged market leader in terms of the number of current accounts maintained, which exceeded 7.4 million as at 31 December 2018 and increased by 314 thousand during the year.

The continually growing number of accounts of individuals is the effect of a diversified offer which accounts for the Customers’ preferences, and includes the following products:

  • Basic Payment Account (available to individuals aged more than 13, no fees are charged on the maintenance of the account or on servicing the respective debit card);
  • PKO Konto bez Granic (which offers a number of attractive services, including withdrawals from ATMs in Poland and anywhere in the world for a single fee);
  • PKO Konto na Zero –(an account and card for PLN 0 if actively used);
  • Aurum and Platinium II account (dedicated to Private Banking Customers).

The Bank leaves a transaction service and a mobile application at the disposal of each account holder, which enable access to the account at any time of the day or night, the possibility of paying by BLIK, card, or by telephone.

For individual Customers, SMES, and Inteligo Customers, instantaneous transfers are available through the Express Elixir system (this includes transfers to the Social Insurance Institute – ZUS). Those transfers operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, throughout the year.

The Bank’s offer for young people is a diversified, modern and competitive range of products, which comprises among other things:

  • saving books for children as part of Szkolna Kasa Oszczędnościowa (SKO) for primary school pupils;
  • PKO Konto Dziecka (designated for children up to 13 years of age, with the internet banking service, the mobile application PKO Junior and payment cards);
  • PKO Konto Pierwsze (an account for persons aged 13–18 with an IKO mobile application);
  • PKO Konto dla Młodych (a fully internet and mobile account for persons aged 16–18).

PKO Bank Polski SA offers two packages to Customers from the firms and enterprises sector who are interested in comprehensive, modern and attractively priced services:

  • PKO Konto Firmowe – to individuals running a business, freelancers and farmers who appreciate that the finances of their firms are handled using modern electronic banking services and through an individual advisor at the Bank’s branch.
  • PKO Rachunek dla Biznesu – created for entrepreneurs who are looking for an offer ideally tailored to their needs and who value a relationship with an individual bank advisor. To holders of the PKO Rachunek dla Biznesu account, the Bank offers access to advanced internet banking iPKO Biznes and to all cash-management services, low transaction costs for transactions realized via the Internet and many more modern banking products and services, including the cheapest SEPA online transfers on the market and access to simple currency exchange via the free iPKO dealer platform.

To all institutional Customers with settlement accounts the Bank offers a new product available since 2018 – a VAT split payment account.

Number of current accounts (in millions)


Term deposits and regular saving products

The most popular term deposits in the Bank’s offer for retail and private banking Customers in 2018 were:

  • term deposit saving account available in 1M, 3M, 6M or 12M tenors; The product is offered in all distribution channels: in branches, agencies, iPKO, IKO, Inteligo and via the Contact Center;
  • the 3M term deposit for new funds;
  • the Lokata Niepodległościowa deposit bearing an interest rate of 1.918%, which referred to the centenary of Poland’s regaining independence.

The Bank’s offer also includes structured instruments. In 2018 the Bank carried out a subscription of structured deposits, such as:

  • 18-month structured term deposits based on the EUR/PLN exchange rate (12 subscriptions);
  • 36-month structured term deposits based on the basket of shares of the following types of companies: German, European, telecommunications, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, energy, Asian;
  • 25-month term structured deposits based on shares of the following types of companies: electronics, French, transport, European, global.


Investment funds

PKO Bank Polski SA provides its Customers with a wide offer of investment funds which give access to various classes of assets and allows investing in debt or equity instruments from various geographical areas, using many types of strategies.

The Bank’s Group offers 55 funds for individuals to the Customers of retail and private banking, in which assets amounting to PLN 33.5 billion have been accumulated.

In response to Customers’ expectations, and also to comply with the requirements of the new MiFID II regulations, as of the beginning of 2018 the offer of the Bank’s Group was expanded by a new opened-ended umbrella fund PKO Portfela Inwestycyjnego with separate subfunds of various risk levels: PKO Bursztynowy, PKO Szafirowy, PKO Rubinowy, PKO Szmaragdowy and PKO Diamentowy.

Value of managed IF assets of individuals (in PLN billion)


Sales of Treasury savings bonds

Based on an agreement concluded with the Minister of Finance PKO Bank Polski SA has exclusive rights to sell and service retail bonds issued by the State Treasury. Treasury bonds are sold through the sales network of PKO Bank Polski SA, which is of great convenience for all those who are interested.

In 2018 the Treasury savings bonds were extremely popular and in effect throughout the year PLN 12.7 billion of those bonds were sold. In 2017 sales of those bonds amounted to nearly PLN 6.9 billion).

Currently on the primary market five types of savings Treasury bonds are being sold under a permanent offer:

  • three-month (OTS) – three-month fixed-rate Treasury bonds;
  • two-year (DOS) – two-year fixed-rate savings Treasury bonds;
  • three-year (TOZ) – three-year fluctuating-rate savings Treasury bonds;
  • four-year (COI) – four-year indexed savings Treasury bonds;
  • ten-year (EDO) – ten-year pension savings Treasury bonds.

and, exclusively to beneficiaries of the 500+ Program:

  • six-year (ROS) – family savings Treasury bonds;
  • twelve-year (ROD) – twelve-year family savings Treasury bonds.
Indebtedness from Treasury bonds issued on the domestic market (in PLN)*

*nominal value of savings bonds;
source: Dom Maklerski PKO Banku Polskiego SA.

The PKO Bank Polski SA Group continuously develops its offer of insurance products, which enables it to increase the attractiveness of the linked banking products and give Customers an opportunity to provide security for their liabilities and assets, and to receive help in the event of an emergency. The Bank’s Group addresses its insurance services to all retail Customers. These are largely insurance products linked to the following bank products:

  • consumer and mortgage loans (life insurance and insurance on loss of source of income, real estate and movable property insurance, third party liability insurance, assistance, low contribution insurance and bridging insurance, and insurance of SME loan repayment);
  • current accounts (ROR) (including life insurance, accident insurance and assistance);
  • bank cards (including security package to credit cards, travel insurance, credit repayment insurance).

The PKO Bank Polski SA Group also offers insurance not directly linked to bank products. These include:

  • life insurance “Moje Życie24”, real estate insurance “Mój Dom24”, travel insurance “Moje Podróże24” – available through the iPKO and IKO mobile channels, the scope and costs of which may be independently adapted by the Customers to their needs;
  • insurance of leased assets, which covers automotive insurance provided by insurance companies external to the Bank’s Group, property insurance with PKO Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń SA, financial loss insurance GAP (invoice, index, casco) in cooperation with PKO Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń SA, legal coverage for Customers who conclude Lease Agreements offered by PKO Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeń SA with PKO Leasing S.A.;
  • the new oncological insurance policy introduced in the second quarter of 2018 – OnkoPlan – insurance providing a wide scope of support in the event of contracting cancer, which ensures a wide range of support both during treatment and afterwards;
  • motor insurance: OC with Zielona Karta (liability insurance valid abroad), Autocasco (all risks insurance), NNW (accident insurance) and Assistance insurance. In cooperation with renowned insurance companies PKO Bank Polski SA offers a full scope of insurance coverage needed by car owners. The possibility of purchasing, as one batch, policies from various insurers under one sale process is a novelty on the market. Policies may be purchased even six months in advance to secure from potential changes in motor insurance prices over the next six months.

Corporate and investment segment

Implementation of new management standards in the corporate sales network enabled the PKO Bank Polski SA Group to consistently deepen its cooperation with the Customers and increase its range based on a wide scope of offered products.

The Bank’s Customers who are interested in entering and increasing their share of international markets may use the wide scope of products and services, such as: transaction banking, including international cash pooling, e-banking, Treasury bonds, trade finance and corporate loans, offered by the Bank’s foreign branches.

As at the end of 2018 the Corporate Segment and the Investment Segment services over 15.4 thousand Customers, including:

  • 8.6 thousand Corporate Customers;
  • 1.2 thousand Strategic Customers;
  • 4.7 thousand local and central government institutions plus budgetary and related entities;
  • almost 0.7 thousand foreign Customers;
  • 0.3 thousand financial Customers

Since the beginning of 2018 the number of Customers serviced in this segment increased by over 0.6 thousand. The Bank systematically reinforced its leading position in financing the Polish economy, both independently and as a significant participant of banking syndicates with a share adequate to its market position.

Number of corporate and investment segments Customers (in thousands)

As at the end of 2018 total financing of Corporate Customers, including loans, bonds issued and lease receivables amounted to nearly PLN 71 billion and increased since the beginning of the year by PLN 6.5 billion (i.e. 10.1%).

The Bank supported the Polish economy and participated in financing both current needs and strategic investment projects, and local investment projects of local governments.

In 2018 the Bank signed, among other things:

  • 14 loan agreements in the form of a banking syndicate, for PLN 33 billion, where the Bank’s share amounted to nearly PLN 6 billion, and seven annexes to previously concluded agreements with a value of PLN 13 billion, where the Bank’s share amounted to PLN 2 billion;
  • 5 agreements which related to underwriting issues of corporate bonds without firm commitment guarantee in the amount of PLN 2.2 billion and a limit for purchasing non-Treasury debt securities of PLN 215 million;
  • 350 communal bonds underwriting agreements and 38 annexes which extend the period of the program’s availability, in the total amount of PLN 3 billion.

PKO Bank Polski SA offers wide access to funds to finance complex investment projects and advisory services focused on selecting the optimum form of funding and repayment terms to its Customers.

Under the Bank Group’s offer Corporate Customers may use lease and factoring products and services. Any fixed asset may be financed in the form of a lease, depending on the Customers’ needs. Apart from standard products, the offer includes vehicle fleet rental services and cooperation with suppliers.

Gross financing of corporate Customers (in PLN billion)

As at the end of 2018 Corporate Customers’ deposits amounted to over PLN 55 billion and increased by PLN 6.5 billion during the year, mainly thanks to the increase in funds maintained by Customers on term deposits.

The Bank is expanding its offer for Corporate Customers with complex organizational structures to facilitate settlements of transactions with Polish and foreign partners, and to develop dedicated products based on solutions such as cash pooling.

The Bank’s presence in Germany and the Czech Republic enabled using the tool to manage funds in cross-border transactions.

Corporate deposits (in PLN billion)

For many years now the Bank has been financing and servicing public entities, including the Social Insurance Institute, local government entities, companies with the participation of local government entities, entities for which the local government is the founding body, budget-related entities, the Directorate General of the State Forests and its organizational entities.

In 2018 PKO Bank Polski SA confirmed its unchallenged leading position in respect of services for local governments and won the tender for comprehensive servicing of the budget of the Małopolskie province and its organizational entities, and for servicing the Municipality of Olsztyn, and to continue servicing the Municipality of Gdynia. There are already nine out of 16 voivodships and most of the voivodship capitals among the Bank’s Customers.

PKO Bank Polski SA has a wide and effective network of nostro accounts, more than 1400 SWIFT relationships with banks in various countries and markets. At the same time, the Bank maintains about 200 loro accounts for foreign banks, which are used for settling transactions concluded by such banks both in Poland and in other countries. The Bank is the leader in the provision of services to non-bank financial institutions in the Polish market. At present, the Bank has business relationships with over a thousand entities in this segment.

One of the key priorities of the Bank’s operations is to support Polish business by creating solutions beneficial to its Customers, based on optimal methods of executing foreign settlements. One of the examples of such activities is constant expansion of the range of currencies available to its Customers and supporting the international activities of its Customers on new markets (for example, the Persian Gulf, South-Eastern Asia, South Africa).

The Bank’s Group actively participates in the development of the international expansion of its Customers, offering them support in foreign markets and undertaking initiatives to facilitate financial services for Polish firms operating in international markets. One of these was the opening of corporate branches in the Federal Republic of Germany and in the Czech Republic, i.e. the countries where Polish businesses are the most active. 2018 saw a very high growth in the number of Customers acquired at both branches. At the end of 2018, foreign branches served more than 200 Customers.

In the case of businesses operating in Ukraine, banking services are offered through KREDOBANK SA. At the end of 2018, the Company provided services to slightly more than 3.3 thousand Polish-Ukrainian business Customers, including those with Polish capital, i.e. 19.5% more than in the previous year.

In 2018, the Bank’s Group launched several initiatives to facilitate serving Polish companies abroad. An important project is the Export Support Platform (available at the address www.wspieramyeksport.pl), which is a comprehensive analytical tool for firms interested in foreign expansion introduced in the fourth quarter of 2017. The portal is a market and industry guide containing the most up-to-date business analyses. The exporter’s guide can be used to find out, among other things, how to test a firm’s readiness for export or how to create a strategy for the promotion of a firm abroad, whereas, completing a short questionnaire makes it possible to find financial products offered by the PKO Bank Polski SA Group that are best suited to the current needs of the firm.

In 2018 businesses that used the Export Support Platform gained the option to verify the reliability of foreign counterparties. In special reports Customers may find – among other things – financial data, assessment of potential foreign counterparties’ creditworthiness and information about its paying its liabilities.

PKO Bank Polski SA offers a wide scale of trade financing products. The most important of those are guarantees, warranties, letters of credit or cash against documents.

In 2018 the Bank engaged in initiatives aimed at increasing the attractiveness of the offered products. The Bank introduced e-guarantees and a certified digital signature, developed a to system for servicing trade financing transactions, and implemented new standards that result from the changes introduced by SWIFT.

For years Dom Maklerski PKO Banku Polskiego SA (Dom Maklerski) has been the unchallenged leader on the capital market in Poland, as proven by the high grades in brokerage office rankings and has been awarded many prizes.

In 2018 Dom Maklerski (Brokerage House) was awarded the highest grades in the Nationwide Investors Survey (Ogólnopolskie Badanie Inwestorów – OBI) in all nine categories: no breakdowns and speed of the internet platform, functionality of the internet platform, quality of direct services, employee professionals, quality of analyses and recommendations, educational offer, access to information and quotations, access to foreign markets and IKE/IKZE accounts.

In 2018 the value of the sales realized by the Dom Maklerski exceeded PLN 33 billion, which comprised 7.7% of sales on the market and placed Dom Maklerski second in the ranking of brokerage houses. The drop in Dom Maklerski’s share in sales on the secondary share market compared with 2017 is the effect of the bear market which prevailed in 2018 on most global share markets, as well as of the pressure of foreign brokerage houses, the majority of which made the sales.

In respect of trading in bonds, Dom Maklerski has almost half of the market share, which makes it the leader in this category.

The total value of the transactions in which Dom Maklerski PKO Banku Polskiego SA participated on the primary market exceeded PLN 1.3 billion, and they included:

  • the offer for the sale of the Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas shares – the value of the offer was PLN 800 million;
  • the offer for the sale of the BZ WBK SA (in the process of accelerated bookbuilding), the offer amounted to PLN 456 million,
  • initial public offering of Novaturas AB shares, the offer amounted to PLN 93 million.

Additionally, Dom Maklerski PKO Banku Polskiego SA was the underwriter in the public offering of EVO Payments Inc. shares (the offering amounted to USD 224 million), underwriter of the issue of debt securities of such entities as: Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN SA (issue value of PLN 0.6 billion), Echo Investment SA (issue value of PLN 0.1 billion), Best SA, and intermediated in the call for sale of shares of Synthos SA (offering value up to PLN 0.4 billion), Zespół Elektrociepłowni Wrocławskich KOGENERACJA SA (PLN 0.1 billion), BENEFIT SYSTEMS SA, Ferrum SA, IAI SA, Tarczyński SA, Pamapol SA, Berling SA.

As at the end of 2018 Dom Maklerski PKO Banku Polskiego SA maintained 127 thousand securities accounts and cash accounts, and 199 thousand registration accounts. In terms of the number of securities accounts (according to KDPW­‑CSD) Dom Maklerski ranked fourth among 40 market participants. Additionally, it serviced 436 participation units in funds and subfunds managed by 17 Investment Fund Management Companies.

Share of Dom Maklerski PKO Banku Polskiego SA in turnover on secondary market of shares

PKO Bank Polski SA has a wide range of treasury bonds for individual and institutional Customers such as deposit products, currency exchange products, and foreign exchange, interest rate and commodity price hedges. Each product may be tailored to the individual needs of the Bank’s Customers and executed through any convenient distribution channel selected. Each product may be tailored to the individual needs of the Bank’s Customers and executed through any convenient distribution channel selected.

The Bank maintains securities accounts for Customers and facilitates Polish and foreign market transactions, and acts as a depositary for pension and investment funds. As at the end of 2018, the value of the Customers’ assets held in fiduciary accounts exceeded PLN 118.4 billion and it was about 6% higher year-on-year.

Other services

PKO Bank Polski SA has made available an online currency exchange service in the iPKO transaction service as a simple and intuitive tool enabling fast and safe online currency exchange. The online exchange service is another stage in the development of services provided by the bank to individual Customers.

Individual Customers holding a foreign currency account with PKO Bank Polski SA may:

  • exchange currencies in real time, with immediate settlement of the transaction;
  • transact at attractive rates and free of charge for accessing the service (the possibility to trade in respect of 28 currency pairs including the following currencies: US dollar, Swiss franc, euro, British pound and Swedish, Norwegian and Danish kronas/krones);
  • follow currency charts online and use text message notifications when the exchange rate reaches a certain level;
  • in combination with other products such as a multi-currency card, manage their finances more effectively and handle daily payments in foreign currencies.

In 2018 PKO Bank Polski SA made available to firm Customers an innovative tool to create loyalty programs, ZenCard – a technology which enables firms to organize promotional and rebate campaigns in their points-of-sale, using only a payment card and terminal.

The platform developed by ZenCard Sp. z o.o. is integrated with the payment terminal and allows resigning from many separate loyalty cards and applications installed on mobile phones, and instead using one virtual card linked to any of the Customer’s cards. The system automatically calculates discounts and rebates in real time, already when paying with a card or phone at the terminal. An additional advantage is the easy access to the scheme – the Customer’s consent via s payment terminal takes only a few seconds.

The Cashless Poland Cashless Transaction Support Programme is a joint initiative of the players on the Polish payment services market: card issuers, clearing agents and Mastercard and Visa organizations, with the participation of the Polish Bank Association and support of the Ministry of Enterprise and Technology. The Programme is intended for micro, small and medium businesses wishing to start accepting payments for their goods and services by means of payment cards.

Enterprises that had not accepted cashless payments before were offered the opportunity to join the Cashless Poland Programme by PKO Bank Polski SA at its branches all over Poland. Under this Programme, for a period of 12 months, enterprises gain benefits in the form of, among other things, covering the costs involved in obtaining a terminal for accepting cards. Entrepreneurs may choose to lease or own a terminal. In the latter case, after a period of 12 months of collaboration under the Programme, they will not incur costs of the lease of the terminal, but only –on very preferential terms – those related to transaction processing.

Implementation of cashless payments improves the service, projects a modern image of the firm and makes it possible to reach a new group of Customers by small and medium-sized enterprises which value advanced solutions supporting business operations and development.

PKO Bank Polski SA supports the government’s From Paper to Digital Poland project, which aims to develop quick and easy access to eGovernment services. The scale of its involvement and the provision of advanced IT solutions make it possible to create mechanisms ready to be used not only in the financial sector but also in public administration. The Bank was the first to make it possible for e-banking Customers to submit their applications under the 500+ Family programme and the Good Start programme, create a PUE ZUS profile, a Trusted Profile (eGO) or account for their personal income tax.

In January 2018, PKO Bank Polski SA has made it possible to register a firm and open a firm account in the iPKO transaction service. This is the first such solution on the market, developed jointly with the Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Technology. The process is completely remote, and filling in the request only takes several minutes. Registration of the firm is confirmed through the Trusted Profile.

During the registration process, the Customer at the same time applies for an entry in the REGON register, submits an application to the head of the tax office (NIP) and notifies the payer of contributions to the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS).

The service developed by the Ministry together with PKO Bank Polski SA and other banks will facilitate and expedite online service for businesses, so that in the coming years most of the firms in Poland will be established and run digitally.

PKO Bank Polski SA provides business-support knowledge and tools, e.g. during the Good Morning, Business training. The training is a practical offer of solutions, advice and tools of interest to the firm and enterprises sector entrepreneurs.

In 2018, three training sessions were held. The first edition was titled “Company in Expansion”. What was presented were, among other things, new legal regulations related to the processing of personal data and practical tips for those interested in conducting effective online advertising campaigns.

The second session, titled “Brand Strength in SMEs”, focused on the conscious building and use of the brand in promoting the company. The last session of Good Morning, Business meetings, under the title “(Not)important what they say, important that they talk” largely focused on creating a favourable opinion and building lasting relationships with Customers.

The workshops were run by specialists in the fields including communication, online marketing and law. It was also possible to talk to experts individually about leasing and factoring, insurance, international expansion or banking financial products during the workshops.

As of the second half of 2018 the Bank’s Customers may use the services of Apple Pay and Garmin Pay.

The Apple Pay service enables using an Apple phone instead of a payment card and making cash-free transactions using Apple equipment, chargeable to a PKO Bank Polski SA credit card.

Garmin Pay enables the Bank’s individual Customers with smartwatches which are equipped with the function of proximity payments using their payment cards.

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