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The Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Bank Polski SA Group (PKO Bank Polski SA Group, the Bank’s Group) is one of the largest financial institutions in Poland and one of the largest financial groups in Central and Eastern Europe.

Annual report

Powszechna Kasa Oszczędności Bank Polski Spółka Akcyjna (PKO Bank Polski SA or the Bank), the Parent of the Bank’s Group, is the largest commercial bank in Poland and a leading bank on the Polish market in terms of its scale of operations, equity, loans, deposits, number of Customers and size of the distribution network.

The Bank’s Group stands out on the Polish market due to its high financial results, which ensure its stable and safe development.

PKO Bank Polski SA is a universal bank that services individuals, legal entities and other Polish and foreign entities.

9.8 million
of the Bank’s Customers

Apart from strictly banking operations, the PKO Bank Polski SA Group also provides specialized financial services in respect of leases, factoring, investment funds, pension funds and insurance, and provides transfer agent services, outsources IT professionals and supports other entities’ operations, manages properties, and through its branches in Germany and the Czech Republic, as well as subsidiaries in Ukraine, engages in banking and financial services outside Poland.

Throughout the period of its operations the Bank’s Group has been systematically building its brand prestige. Many generations of Poles have made use of the Group’s services. Its long tradition and Customers’ trust are important elements in identifying the PKO Bank Polski SA Group, therefore, consistent actions are taken to consolidate the perception of the Group as a group of institutions which are characterized by:

  • their safety, strength and competitiveness;
  • their modern and innovative nature, customer-friendly and efficiently managed;
  • corporate social responsibility and care for the cultural awareness of Poles.

The PKO Bank Polski SA Group effectively develops its operations not only in its traditional area of operations, i.e. retail banking. It is also the leader in servicing corporate Customers and firms and companies (in particular in respect of financing their operations), and on the market of financial services offered to communes, districts, provinces and to the budget sector. It is also the major managing underwriter of issues of communal bonds.

3.1 million
of active IKO applications

The PKO Bank Polski SA Group has a leading share in the Polish banking market in respect of savings (18.4%) and loans (17.6%), in the leasing market (11.2%) and in the individuals’ investment fund market (22.2%). PKO Bank Polski SA is the leader in terms of current accounts and payment cards maintained.

The high Customer service standards and effective credit risk assessment procedures allowed the Bank’s Group to increase its portfolio of financing granted to Customers in 2018 to over PLN 230 billion. As at the end of 2018 amounts due to Customers reached almost PLN 243 billion.

In 2018 the PKO Bank Polski SA Group achieved its financial goals for 2020:

it achieved ROE of 10%
it reduced the C/I ratio to 44.2%
Cost of risk
it reduced the cost of risk to 0.59%
it is capable of paying out dividend

In 2018 the Bank’s Group continued activities aimed at increasing the effectiveness of the distribution network. As at the end of 2018 the branch network of PKO Bank Polski SA, which is the largest such network in Poland, covered 1 155 branches and 577 agencies. The Bank’s Customers may use state-of-the-art e-banking services offered under the iPKO band and in respect of the Inteligo account and IKO – mobile banking account. The Customers of PKO Bank Polski SA have at their disposal a highly developed network of ATMs, which as at the end of 2018 comprised 3 133 ATMs.

3.1 thousand

The PKO Bank Polski SA Group is one of the largest employers in Poland. As at the end of 2018 the PKO Bank Polski SA Group employed almost 28 thousand FTEs. The comprehensive training and education offer is aimed at building a professional team of staff, which is capable of achieving effective work.

The Bank’s Group pursues charity and sponsorship actions, in order to shape the Bank’s image as a Group that is reliable, socially involved, modern and open to Customers’ needs.

The PKO Bank Polski SA Group between 2014 and 2018

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